• Scientific Research Strength

    1. Our company has a strong R&D team with 19 R&D personnel, including 1 expert, 3 senior engineers and 13 engineers who enjoy special allowances from the State Council.

    2. Our company follows the principle of strong alliance and complementary advantages, and builds Industry-University-Research cooperative relations with the universities, and establishes strategic cooperative alliances with related enterprises.

    3. JINGU has built the research and development centers of air cushion conveyor and automatic packaging and distribution system, which lays a good foundation for the research and development of core technology and application experiments.

  • Core Technology

    JINGU concentrates on the research and development of bulk grain transportation and intelligent logistics equipment. In these two areas, we have a number of core technologies, including four invention patents and fourteen utility model patents. The technology level is in the leading position in the industry.

    Invention patent And Patents for utility models

    technological innovation01

  • Development Goals

    Main research directions

    (1) Development and application of green and intelligent transportation equipment.

    (2) Research on the integration of automatic packaging and distribution system and the internet of things technology.

    Technonlogy Paltform Construction

    Building the Provincial R&D Center of Intelligent Logistics Equipment.

    Industry status

    We will vigorously develop and apply new products and technologies´╝îmaintain the leading position of core technologies in the industry.