SUPPER-800 Loading Robot

The SUPPER-800 loading robot independently developed has the characteristics of clever design, simple and compact structure, convenient maintenance, high production efficiency. It is used in conjunction with the SPEED-800 packaging robot to achieve full automation of warehouse packaging and distribution.


1. It is mainly composed of translational mechanism, rotating and lifting mechanism and loading mechanism.

2. Advanced visual detection systems, servo systems and PLC control systems are used in the design. Servo can accurately control the operation of mechanical components. Visual detection systems can accurately collect information on vehicles and cargo and transmit it to PLC control systems. Transfer instructions from PLC control system to the actuator for loading operation.

3.  Automatic loading robots replace human operations, improve loading efficiency, save labor costs, reduce labor intensity, improve work environment, and be safe and reliable.

Technical Data

 Belt width: 350、500、650、800mm

 Capacity: 800-1200 bags/h

 Span: According to the condition on the site to determine

Horizontal movement distance: According to the condition on the site to determine

Project Case


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