SPEED-800 Packaging Robot

With the continuous development of modern technology, the continuous discharging ship (train) machine has been successfully put into use, but it needs to move and unload along the direction of ship (train) box. The conveyor shall feed continuously without fixed point. In this case, the conveyor usually adopts the full-course open work . In the process of work, dust is easy to overflow, which cannot meet the environmental requirements of ports and docks.


1. By combining the whole winding bag making process with automatic filling process, the equipment is of high stability and can realize automatic and long-term stable operation.

2. Driven by servo motor, the whole set of equipment is precise in control, strong in adaptability, high in stability and quick in response.

3. Equipped with advanced PLC control system, profinet communication protocol based on industry 4.0 standard and full network control, makes equipment running stable and reliable, and improves enterprise management efficiency and level.

4. High degree of automation, 2 people can manage 1-5 devices at the same time, and only be responsible for the material roll and label placement。

5. Human being replaced by robot can improve packaging efficiency, save labor costs, reduce labor intensity, and improve working environment.

Technical Data

Material type: oil meal, granular fertilizer, granular feed and similar materials.

Material density: 450~680kg/m³

Bag specification: 50~70kg/bag

Packing speed: 12 bag/min

Bag size: 1100≤length≤1260mm   650≤width≤740mm

Packaging material and form: Full - reel plastic woven bag without mulch

Working temperature: -15℃~50℃(No freezing);

Power voltage: 380V   Power frequency: 50Hz   

Air pressure: 0.4MPa~0.6MPa  

Project Case


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